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Beast Bound
Beast Bound
Beast Bound
Beast Bound
Beast Bound
Beast Bound
Beast Bound
Beast Bound

Review Beast Bound

Brandon Girod
Good writing with an interesting story arc, solid gameplay
World design needs to be spruced up, the art style feels generic, touch input can be finicky
Most turn-based RPGs I find on mobile platforms aren’t really something I’d consider to be traditional turn-based RPGs, and that’s mostly because they have a battle system that caters more towards the player. Beast Bound for Android is an RPG that feels more like a cross between Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG than anything else.
But I’ll drop all of the comparisons because this is really a different game all its own. There are plenty of mobile RPG mechanics we’ll be familiar with like levels just being assigned to the player on an overworld map and a base where you can come back and build up in between missions.
Exploring each zone is as simple as tapping on one of the squares inside the level’s grid. Enemies don’t move towards you so you’re free to explore as much as you want, and most of the time you’ll need to revisit multiple times to see and complete every objective in each level.
Most objectives are handled seamlessly. I entered a forest, walked around until I found some people to talk to. They mentioned how they needed me to fend off some monsters while they cleared some rubble. Nothing interactive happened so I walked off and fought enemies until a dialogue box popped up and prompted me to return to the people I had met before and the quest was done.
Combat is a bit weird and isn’t explained very well. You have a certain amount of time or a certain amount of moves you can use before the enemies have their turn to attack. When they attack you have the chance to defend and mitigate some of the damage, but it’s never clearly explained how this is done. Sometimes I’d pull it off and other times I wouldn’t.
Beast Bound is a fun turn-based RPG that lacks the real polish to make it great. I like the combat system and how free you are to do what you want in the game, but the combat can feel off, the graphics look a bit too generic, and I found the controls to be hit or miss at times.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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