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Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club

Review Nike Training Club

Sergei Petrov
Nike Training Club - this is a long-awaited program to the most popular and effective workouts, which are used in the training center for athletes. All programs are professional trainers and experts in the field of physical activity and exercise. This program can be called the real personal trainer for Android.
Application development company does Nike supported by a number of famous coaches (eg, Ary Nuñez - personal trainer singer Rihanna) and a number of professional athletes, athletes (Paula Radcliffe, Hope Solo and Alex Morgan).

Interface and training

The program has a very simple minimalistic interface with intuitive controls. Immediately after entering the application, you can select the necessary training, their level of training, the goal and your ability (number of workouts per week or month). If desired, you can also connect your account from social networking profile Nike (if you register it, the results can be watched directly on the site.)
If we talk about the quality of training, there is only one mountain of positive emotions. Perhaps this is the first program on our website, which has demanded the resume file of 300 MB.
Inside Nike Training Club was a complete set of wonderful exercises for different categories of muscles and for various purposes. Each exercise contains step by step illustrations with detailed descriptions and full-motion video performance exercises a professional athlete. Compare these exercises with potential competitors to Google Play is just silly, because the level of implementation of the sky and the earth.

Features Nike Training Club for Android:

  • Complete set of professional training for specific purposes with choice of level of training;
  • More than 100 power, cardio, stretching and other exercises with detailed instructions and video tutorials;
  • Detailed audio guide will help you understand how to do the following exercise;
  • Opportunity to put their own music for training;
  • Detailed analysis and writing exercises;
  • Motivational many achievements and awards for their hard work on the formation of a strong and beautiful body.
Apparent deficiencies in this program, we could not find. All claimed features of the program to work just fine, just squeeze the workout sweat and do not give to relax for a second. Given that worked on them best in class coaches and athletes, the effect of them will manifest itself, and very soon.
Summary. Nike Training Club - is the best application for sports with Android-device. The program contains a complete list of useful and effective exercises, which together with a run and an active lifestyle can help to lose weight, strengthen the body and build new muscle.
Attention! Do not forget that these programs do not guarantee that you will successfully cope with any workout. Do everything carefully and wisely. If you have questions, consult your doctor. We warned you! Cheers!

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 10/10
Design 8/10
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I cannot seem to download this for my Nexus Tablet, everytime it goes to the Google play store it says "not compatible with this device". Help!
Alexander Vorobyev
That's pretty strange as it is supposed to run on most of devices. Try checking whether there are country limitations in Google Play. Also, you can write the developers about that or try asking around on online forums or message boards. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!
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