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Bubble Shooter HD
Bubble Shooter HD
Bubble Shooter HD
Bubble Shooter HD
Bubble Shooter HD
Bubble Shooter HD
Bubble Shooter HD

Review Bubble Shooter HD

Brandon Girod
Maintains the fun gameplay mechanics, features multiple game modes
Low fidelity graphics, the aim mechanism is poor
Bubble Shooter HD for Android feels a lot like the original bubble shooter that I used to play back in middle school. The funny thing is that even the graphics remind me of that original game even though the name clearly states it’s supposed to be HD. Well, guess what, peeps? It’s not.
Don’t get me wrong, if you’re looking for a straight-laced game where you shoot groups of matching bubbles in order to clear the level then this is very much your game. It’s a game mechanic that truly stands through the test of time, and this game gets all of that right. Mostly.
There are a few different gameplay modes. The regular game mode features several pre-made levels that become increasingly more difficult as time goes on. The other mode is called arcade mode and this is something I found to be a little more fun. The bubbles slow creep closer and closer towards the bottom of the screen, so you have to think fast and shoot faster if you want to rack up a high score.
Now, I did mention a small caveat as far as the gameplay was concerned. First off, the shooting mechanism feels kind of bad. More contemporary games have aim assist and at the very least there is a second tap that separates aiming from shooting. This game doesn’t have that so mistakes are easier to come by if you’re careless.
I also found that the game didn’t seem to be consistent in letting me know which colored bubble would be coming up next. It might have been my imagination, but there were multiple times where the launcher said there was going to be one colored bubble and instead I see a totally different one pop out.
Bubble Shooter HD feels exactly like the original bubble shooter I played way back when, right down to the awful and cheap graphics. This features a dynamic arcade mode which breathes a bit of extra fun into the game, but the launcher and low fidelity graphics really kind of knock the wind out of this one.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 7/10
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