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Tadpole Tap
Tadpole Tap
Tadpole Tap
Tadpole Tap
Tadpole Tap

Review Tadpole Tap

Jay Feldman
Decent graphics, decent game play, one-finger controls
Very common, monotonous game play, low quality animation
Tadpole Tap for Android is a silly and stupid game that moves vertically up your screen. This is a mindless replay game at its heart, and the good news, is it's actually playable and marginally entertaining, provided you don't play it for much longer than a few minutes at a stretch.
The objective of the game makes no sense, which is par for the course. Basically, the mission is to ascend the little tadpole higher and higher into the vines and treetops; where this little thing is going is a mystery, but perhaps this is how evolution started. Okay, probably not, but this is the game we're stuck with, people.
The controls use your favorite lone digit to tap the screen and make this little tadpole shoot his tongue out and latch onto branches and vines which cause him to climb higher and higher. There's perils along the way, like glowing plasma balls that electrocute the tadpole and send him back in the evolutionary process. And yes, a climbing tadpole can work up quite an appetite, so there's also plenty of files and yucky insects to munch too.
The graphics go for retro with just enough pixels to look authentic, and just enough details to feel almost modern. The play is highly repetitive, assuring no one in their right mind will play this very long in any given stretch, and the sounds, well, suck.
Tadpole Tap is one of those games you play when life is just too boring to face head on. It won’t entertain for long and is destined to be uninstalled and forgotten entirely.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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