Fast Rally Racer Drift 3D
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Fast Rally Racer Drift 3D
Fast Rally Racer Drift 3D
Fast Rally Racer Drift 3D
Fast Rally Racer Drift 3D
Fast Rally Racer Drift 3D
Fast Rally Racer Drift 3D
Fast Rally Racer Drift 3D
Fast Rally Racer Drift 3D

Review Fast Rally Racer Drift 3D

Brandon Girod
Good controls, decent graphics
Poor physics, no progression, money is meaningless
I tried to give Fast Rally Racer Drift 3D for Android a fair shot. After all, the graphics aren’t too bad and the game looked pretty fun. But looks can be deceiving, and indeed they are in this case. This game is more interested in serving you ads than working on providing you with an engaging gameplay experience.
The name itself is just a list of keywords in an effort to pop up in a search that might possibly include any of the words in the name. The game feels like the developers put just as much effort into coding it as they did thinking up a name. It’s a racing game, in a vague manner of speaking. You can race against the computer or alone, but there is almost no way you can lose to the computer. I didn’t even realize I was racing anything the very first time I jumped into a race.
The controls aren’t too bad, but the game’s physics are absolutely horrendous. Braking doesn’t really work in the way you’d expect. You can go backwards, but pressing the accelerator and trying to move forward simply doesn’t work. And forget about trying to steer while you’re still rolling backwards because you’ll mess up your positioning even more. Also, if you happen to catch some air at any speed then good luck. You’ll launch forward like a rocket with no way to steer your car. And when you inevitably land on your head then you’ll see your vehicle clip through the ground. It’s awful.
That brings us to the money situation. After my first race I was able to buy the most expensive car the game offered, and I could have probably bought it three more times with some extra money to spare. The fact that there was nothing to look forward to, no competition, and only two tracks means I immediately uninstalled the game after racing the two tracks and haven’t thought about it until now.
Do us all a favor and do not download this game. The developer has created a ton of different ways to serve up ads, but no way to actually have fun inside the “game.”

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Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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chinaza igwe
Write a comment...pls l love dis game i want to download it
Write a can i download this game to my phone
Tariq Abdulla
Hi there, tap on the "free version" link above, which will take you to the play store where you can download this
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