Sage Fusion (RPG VN)
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Sage Fusion (RPG VN)
Sage Fusion (RPG VN)
Sage Fusion (RPG VN)
Sage Fusion (RPG VN)
Sage Fusion (RPG VN)
Sage Fusion (RPG VN)
Sage Fusion (RPG VN)
Sage Fusion (RPG VN)

Review Sage Fusion (RPG VN)

Brandon Girod
Lots of interactivity, good combat system, interesting story
The writing is hit or miss, not fond of the character design
Most mobile RPGs aren’t very story driven but Sage Fusion for Android has come along to shake things up a bit. It touts itself as an interactive novel but I found it to be more like a click and point RPG. There is an engaging battle system and players can move around the environment to solve puzzles.
There is a ton of dialogue in this game so if you’re going in expecting another mindless RPG with an endless grind then this isn’t it. Since the developers have called this an interactive novel you can be sure that there is a lot of reading, and the story is actually pretty interesting. But the dialogue can be pretty hit or miss. Sometimes the characters go off into weird tangents that don’t seem to be relevant and sometimes characters have a tendency to over explain things to the point that it’s obvious they’re just trying to clue the player into what’s going on.
Combat is good, though, and requires a lot of strategy. One of the first battles in the game really pushes the fact that you can’t just push buttons until enemies are dead. Each character has a set number of action points and they use them every time they attack or use an item. The only way you can gain it back is by successfully breaking someone’s shield when you attack and successfully defending an attack.
Your characters perform their attacks automatically but there is also a shield above the enemy’s head when you attack. If you tap that shield right before contact then you’ll do massive damage and gain more AP. The same is true when you’re on the defensive. As the story progresses you’ll level your characters, gain new abilities, and more.
If you can get past the cringy dialogue then Sage Fusion is easily one of the best RPGs you’ll play on your phone.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 9/10
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