LEGO: HeroFactory Brain Attack
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LEGO: HeroFactory Brain Attack
LEGO: HeroFactory Brain Attack
LEGO: HeroFactory Brain Attack
LEGO: HeroFactory Brain Attack
LEGO: HeroFactory Brain Attack
LEGO: HeroFactory Brain Attack

Review LEGO: HeroFactory Brain Attack

Sergei Petrov
LEGO: HeroFactory Brain Attack - this is a simple and addictive 3D-shooter for Android with the top view. The game is made entirely in the LEGO-style, offering high-quality graphic component. We were given the opportunity to create their own combat team that will withstand the constant attacks of unwanted guests.
This is one of the first high-quality games for Android, made under license from LEGO and with recognizable characters. As promised the developers from the studio Amuzo Games, the game will be getting regular updates, which bring into play new maps, weapons, characters, and other elements geimpleya.
Control of the game was very easy. On the left we have is the stick (wheel) to move around and to the right - button to attack. The bottom panel is also a button to switch weapons and use of additional skills.
Each mission is a small level, we have to clear away from the wave-like attacks. In the camp of the enemies encountered bugs, various alien creatures and even trained to shoot opponents. To attack the enemy, we do not even have to choose target, just click your mouse and turn to face the enemy, after which the hero begins to attack its own. This simplification may not like it much, because we can only effectively control the movement of the character.
The game with us will be running various companions, which we can choose and buy during a break between missions. In addition, for every soldier we can buy weapons and armor. During the fitting heroes fun jump and dance, trying in every way to attract attention.

Features HeroFactory Brain Attack for Android:

  • Improved 3D-graphics;
  • Convenient and simple operation;
  • Set of team members and track their uniforms;
  • Several great locations;
  • A huge variety of enemy units.
Not without its flaws. Many geimpley may seem monotonous and boring, because at each location we are offered several times to kill the waves of enemies, that is, to do almost the same thing. Brightens the situation is the fact that the game is completely free and you can get it in a short time, without cash infusions.


LEGO: HeroFactory Brain Attack - this is a good and high-quality game for Android, which is exactly like the LEGO-lovers of peace and simple action games. For free entertainment for a couple of hours easily recommend.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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