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Miracle Match 3
Miracle Match 3
Miracle Match 3
Miracle Match 3
Miracle Match 3
Miracle Match 3
Miracle Match 3
Miracle Match 3

Review Miracle Match 3

Brandon Girod
Level design changes throughout the game, doesn’t feature an annoying hint system
Only supports Facebook login, gaudy graphics
It doesn’t matter how oversaturated a market may be, developers will still continue to create games in the same genre over and over again. Miracle Match 3 for Android is a match three game that falls into this category. In a vacuum the game is a very solid entry for the genre, but when you throw it into the pit with the rest of the games it just gets lost in the shuffle.
The game’s biggest folly is its gaudy graphics. Everything is over stylized and it looks like a fantasy game on acid. Everything is just a bit too much. It’s too fantastical, too colorful, and too just plain gaudy. The gems looking boring and the board the gems lay in looks like part of it has been cropped out.
The gameplay is really solid, though. You swipe to match the same colored gems. Swiping more than three in a row gives you a special gem and there are a few power-ups which you can purchase but aren’t necessary at all. Touch input does feel a bit off, however. There were multiple times I’d pick up a gem that I swore I wasn’t touching at all.
Miracle Match 3 is absolutely fine for what it is and would be a decent entry for anyone new to the genre. Unfortunately, I think new players are an incredibly small market and there are games with better visuals, better personality, and interesting mechanics that simply them them away and ahead of this game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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