Where's My Valentine?
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Where's My Valentine?
Where's My Valentine?
Where's My Valentine?
Where's My Valentine?
Where's My Valentine?
Where's My Valentine?
Where's My Valentine?
Where's My Valentine?
Where's My Valentine?
Where's My Valentine?
Where's My Valentine?

Review Where's My Valentine?

Jay Feldman
Interesting levels, unusual plot, addictive game play, one-finger controls
Uses a lot of system resources, unbalanced difficulty, paid continuation
Where's My Valentine? For Android is part of the special holiday series edition to the popular Disney game, Where’s My Water.
Where's My Valentine?, as you may have guessed, revolves around a Valentine’s Day theme edition to this hugely popular game. The same premise holds true; our little alligator friend, Swampy, lives under the city streets in an urban underground dwelling. He’s a clean freak, and is always ready to take a shower, but alas, there’s no water for him. Your job is to drag your finger through the dirt so the water can bend and flow, ultimately finding its way to Swampy’s plumbing so his shower will start to sputter and he can get all squeaky clean. Do it right, and little Swampy will happily rub-a-dub-dub and get all soapy sudsy clean. If not, he will be very sad and cry.
The controls are very good; just taps and swipes with one finger. The hard part is the strategy and visualizing how to best carve out a path in the earth so the water flows toward Swampy’s plumbing pipes. Every level brings a new challenge to conquer. The farther you progress, the more complicated the obstacles and pathways you need to create. This is a real thinker’s game, as the solution is not always obvious. You really have to give it some trial and error.
The graphics are very playful and fun. This looks and plays like a Saturday morning cartoon. For sure, we will be seeing movies based on this game, though I don’t know how captivating an alligator taking a shower will be for 90 minutes. But I’m sure Disney will think of something.
Where's My Valentine? is a lot of fun, but does drain the battery fast. It takes a lot of computing power to animate flowing water and all else that’s going on here. But the game should be fun for anyone; from kids to adults. This edition has limited levels revolving around love and Valentine’s; basically, it’s just a teaser for the full version of the game. It’s a fun brain teaser and should hold one’s interest for a while.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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