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Fist of Heroes - Zombie Rush
Fist of Heroes - Zombie Rush
Fist of Heroes - Zombie Rush
Fist of Heroes - Zombie Rush
Fist of Heroes - Zombie Rush
Fist of Heroes - Zombie Rush
Fist of Heroes - Zombie Rush

Review Fist of Heroes - Zombie Rush

Brandon Girod
Flashy graphics, reflex intensive gameplay, cool rewards
Slow progression system, after a certain point the game seems impossibly fast
I’m not a huge fan of games that heavily rely on reflex skill, aside from twitch based shooters. Fist of Heroes for Android has some pretty interesting content that got me invested in the game; however, and I found myself having a pretty good time despite how incredibly fast and hectic the game eventually gets.
So you play as a character who is very reminiscent of Bruce Lee and are being attacked by zombies from four different directions. At set intervals the evil undead will move one tile closer to you and it have to swipe in whatever direction they’re coming at in order to serve them swift justice. Enemies only attack one at a time, which gives players time to react but the speed in which they approach you quickly vamps up once the game sees you can handle it.
Eventually it becomes pretty difficult to juggle where you’ll need to move next and, oddly enough, it starts to almost feel like you’re playing a game of DDR with your fingers.
While you get better at predicting when zombies will strike you’ll rack up some serious combos. These combos are more than just high scores to show off to your friends, they’re also used to unlock new characters to play as. You can go to the character screen and see what kind of crazy combo you’ll need to rack up in order to unlock the next avatar, but you can also unlock them by simply killing enough total zombies summed up from all your games, though this number is significantly higher.
Fist of Heroes sticks pretty closely to the “rules” set up by its endless forefathers, but I think it’s unique gameplay mechanics, fun graphics, and genuinely cool unlocks really places it on a pedestal when compared to a lot of other endless games out there.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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