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Ninja Revenge
Ninja Revenge
Ninja Revenge
Ninja Revenge
Ninja Revenge
Ninja Revenge
Ninja Revenge
Ninja Revenge

Review Ninja Revenge

Brandon Girod
Engaging gameplay, solid controls
Slow progression system, the environment never changes
Ninja Revenge for Android is very much like a modern day -- but mobile -- Ninja Gaiden game. It’s an endless side scrolling action platformer game, which is a very lengthy genre to slap on this baby. Heck, I could even call it an RPG because you build up your character over the course of the game. All of that is just how action packed this game is.
So this is actually a pretty fun game because it looks good, plays well, and the content itself is both fun to play and watch. There is only one infinite level and it never changes but there are multiple tiers of levels and various enemy types.
Your character is always running forwards and you have two ways to dispatch enemies and get over obstacles. You can jump over them but you don’t get rewarded with any coins, or you can straight up slash them right in the face, which does reward you. Some enemies require you to approach enemies in different ways and learning these ways really helps change up gameplay that would otherwise feel pretty repetitive.
As you kill enemies, die, and kill more enemies you’ll eventually find your bank loaded with a bunch of coins. These coins can be used to upgrade your power-ups and straight stat boosts, which is a really cool element to put in the game, but requires a ton of time spent grinding out gold. You only get a couple of coins for every kill you get and you need 500 coins to get your first upgrade so you can only imagine how much of a grind this could require.
I had a lot more fun with Ninja Revenge than I honestly thought I would. I didn’t feel like anything was gimmicky and the ads and in-game purchases never felt slimy. The gameplay is good, it’s always evolving, and it looks great to play through on top of it all.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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