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Wild Wheels
Wild Wheels
Wild Wheels
Wild Wheels
Wild Wheels
Wild Wheels
Wild Wheels
Wild Wheels

Review Wild Wheels

Brandon Girod
Good looking graphics, you get access to all racers up front
No multiplayer, only features one racing mode, controls aren't balanced
Wild Wheels for Android is a unique racing game that pits you against the clock. You’re never racing anyone else and all of the drivers and cars are available right out of the box. So the only thing you have to concentrate on is getting better at driving with the game’s awful steering mechanics.
There isn’t really much explanation for how the game itself plays out. And this kind of confuses the player. After the first few races I just thought the game only had one map. I guess in a way it kind of does because it’s one giant map broken up into timed segments. Once you hit one of these checkpoints you’ll get more time on the clock to drive further and further. If you don’t hit one before time runs out then you’ll have to start back from the beginning.
Your car is controlled by two on-screen buttons and they’re honestly pretty awful. Gently tapping them barely alters your vehicles course of direction and if you turn too hard then you’ll begin to drift out of control. The horrible part here is the fact that the line between too little and too much is incredibly thin. Eventually you just realize how much you’ll need to drift around corners but that’s not really a game mechanic, just bad controls.
Wild Wheels really struggles to give players fun content to play through. You get all of the cars out of the gate and there isn’t a ton of incentive to keep playing since the controls are pretty bad and there is only one level; even if that level is super long. I also just don’t enjoy racing against a clock. A racing game should feature more than one racers and an emotionless clock.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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