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Pinball Sniper
Pinball Sniper
Pinball Sniper
Pinball Sniper
Pinball Sniper
Pinball Sniper
Pinball Sniper

Review Pinball Sniper

Brandon Girod
Simplistic graphics, challenging
Repetitive gameplay, no rewards/unlocks
The arcade boom had already died out by the time I got into gaming and growing up with a SNES, I never really got into pinball, though I can appreciate it for what it is. Pinball Sniper for Android is a pinball game that somehow takes the arcade aspect away from it and replaced it with mechanics we now claim are endless.
Arcade and endless can almost be used interchangeably for some, but for myself one has a definitive meaning while the other is kind of a catch-all we use to describe games that never seem to end -- even if they have vastly different mechanics.
This pinball game is vastly different than what you might be familiar with playing. Most of the time you’re simply trying to rack up the highest score you can by banking shots around different set pieces on the machines. Here the word “sniper” defines the entire game because the “machine” never changes and instead we have objectives we’re aiming for.
Each of these circles has a timer that surrounds it and you have to hit it with your pinball or you’ll lose. Alternatively, if you lose the ball in the pit then you’ll also lose. So you’re effectively trying to snipe these objects with accuracy so you can score a high score. Similar concept but wildly different execution.
I’m not great at pinball but I did find my aim improving the more I played Pinball Sniper. That said, the game is still really difficult. People who really enjoy pinball will undoubtedly enjoy testing their accuracy here and it even has a bit of allure for novices alike.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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