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Must Deliver
Must Deliver
Must Deliver
Must Deliver
Must Deliver
Must Deliver
Must Deliver
Must Deliver

Review Must Deliver

Brandon Girod
Great graphics, easy controls
Unbalanced gameplay, mechanics aren't interesting
Sometimes high production value isn’t enough to make a game interesting. That’s how I felt playing through Must Deliver for Android. It’s a dull endless runner wrapped up in some very nice packaging, but it fails to rope players in and seems imbalanced in a lot of places.
It’s a traditional endless runner with a few nontraditional gameplay mechanics. You run on an open field and zombies rush you. In order to dodge these you have to drag your character around to dodge them. You’ll collect coins as you play that unlock new characters and each character has cool special powers that will occasionally help you to actually kill zombies, but this doesn’t happen anywhere near enough.
My biggest issue with the game is the amount of off-screen enemies you’ll run into. You have a very limited field of view and if someone rushes at you from the top right then your obvious response will be to move left. Almost nine times out of ten there will be another zombie hidden off-screen just waiting for you and there is absolutely no way to know which angle they’ll be coming from. This just feels like a really cheap way to make each life last a shorter amount of time than it should.
The game imbalance kind of sucked the fun out of the game because it just seemed so much more random than I really wanted it to be. Unlocking new characters happens at a pretty leisurely pace and helped gain back some satisfaction, but I felt like the damage was pretty much done.
Must Deliver doesn’t deliver on a very fair gaming experience and it led to more frustration than fun times. I was expecting something more skill-based and while I do believe that players can eventually learn to deal with the game’s random elements, it doesn’t give them much incentive to do so.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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