Babel Rising Cataclysm
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Babel Rising Cataclysm
Babel Rising Cataclysm
Babel Rising Cataclysm
Babel Rising Cataclysm
Babel Rising Cataclysm
Babel Rising Cataclysm
Babel Rising Cataclysm
Babel Rising Cataclysm
Babel Rising Cataclysm
Babel Rising Cataclysm

Review Babel Rising Cataclysm

Sergei Petrov
Babel Rising Cataclysm - is a fun action-arcade game for Android, in which we must face the fact that people were building the Tower of Babel. We will play the role of God and sent to work various natural disasters and curses, such as lightning, rock slides, hurricanes, etc.
Engaged in developing a game studio Bulkypix, gave us such masterpieces as Kung Fu Rabbit and Yesterday . The very idea of the game is not new, even before they AMALtd studio released a game with a similar name Babel Rising 3D . Basically, the difference between the two games is only in the graph, that is, 3D and 2D respectively. Also, from the similar games we select an entertaining arcade of beetles X-Bugs .


Geimpley simple game to genius, we click fingers at work, bearing blocks, and they stumble and fall. If there is a small group, it can be hit by lightning, making vertical movement on the screen device.
All in the game more than 10 varieties of attacks, but initially we will only be available lightning and physical shock. A little later, with the earned points we can get meteors, floods, hurricanes, and a host of other ways to deal with violent irrational civilization.
Each ability has used his time reloading. The simplest of God blow recharges in 1.5 seconds, but the lightning has to wait for 3 seconds. For the gold coins you can buy temporary accelerator recharge. The ability can pump with gold coins, and then not only reduced recharge time, but also increase power itself spells (lightning will hit more enemies at once, etc.).

Features Babel Rising Cataclysm for Android:

  • 40 different levels;
  • Additional survival mode;
  • Over 10 unique abilities;
  • Possibility of leveling skills;
  • Colorful and vivid graphics;
  • Dynamic arcade geimpley;
  • Convenient operation with gestures.
Best tactic passing game will be training to as many divine powers, and pumping can be practiced at the very end. A total of 40 levels of the game, and usually held in strict sequence. Levels open only in the event that you have collected a sufficient number of stars. Stars are awarded for successful completion of level and depends on how well you kill the builders, and how they managed to build floors (less is better).
Summary. Babel Rising Cataclysm - it is easy to use and entertaining arcade game to warm your fingers. The game is available in free and paid versions. Paid version has only additional coins, so do not recommend buying it, as almost any of the benefits you get.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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