The Lord of Orcs for Vkontakte
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The Lord of Orcs for Vkontakte
The Lord of Orcs for Vkontakte
The Lord of Orcs for Vkontakte
The Lord of Orcs for Vkontakte
The Lord of Orcs for Vkontakte
The Lord of Orcs for Vkontakte
The Lord of Orcs for Vkontakte
The Lord of Orcs for Vkontakte

Review The Lord of Orcs for Vkontakte

Brandon Girod
Good looking graphics, features a campaign mode
Touch input is sensitive, quests feel like they’re holding your hand
The Lord of Orcs for Vkontakte for Android is a hard game to write about. Not because the game is complex or has some abstract gameplay elements. It’s because it’s a city builder that plays out identically to every other city builder on the market. That means the game really blends in and unfortunately it doesn’t do anything to give itself any sort of identity.
Gameplay is carried out through a series of quests initially and quests are nothing more than mundane mini-tutorials that try and hold your hand while you play the game. At this point, why can’t games just give us the same amount of resources they would with the tutorial and just let us skip the whole ordeal?
I found myself mindlessly clicking on a new quest, clicking on the go-to button, and then clicking on whatever button it wanted me to click on next. This meant that I spent probably upwards of 30-45 minutes simply clicking buttons I was told to.
Town building elements are incredibly run of the mill. Hey, did you know this building will produce resource A which you need to upgrade buildings, and that this building over here produces resource B which lets you build units? Yes, yes I did.
Buildings are upgraded as you pour resources into them and as you level your buildings they’ll be able to produce new units, more resources, or research things to unlock.
Combat is virtually the exact same as it is in Clash of Clans, which is a very poor combat system. Whether or not you lose all of your troops, they don’t get to come back with you. Apparently you just desert them on the battlefield and have to build an entirely new army for each mission until you finally learn their strengths so you can fight efficiently.
The game isn’t bad, it’s just dreadfully boring at this point. If I’ve already sunk hours and hours into one city builder and you produce another one that is identical, what’s the incentive for me to drop all of my progress and do the exact same thing all over again here?

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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