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Ant Raid
Ant Raid
Ant Raid
Ant Raid
Ant Raid
Ant Raid

Review Ant Raid

Sergei Petrov
Ant Raid - this is a very fun and exciting tactical arcade game in which we will operate a small army of ants, and defend his lair, and the great queen of the former friends of insects that have become infected as a result of terrible aggressive monsters.
Engaged in developing a game studio HeroCraft, we know very well in games theory of tiny explosions , UK and Musaic Box . A distinctive feature of the developer - it's necessary to have Russian version of the game and high quality graphics and geimpleya.


Each mission in the game starts with the protection of a new nest where the ants were forced to move because of an unknown epidemic. A small army of ants wildest placed around the den for protection from the onslaught of enemies.
To control ants need to click on them with your finger, then there is an allocation of a small group. If you hold your finger display and the selection grows. This way, you can select any, the desired number of ants, and the whole army at once.
To send a selected group to attack, you must drag it to the approaching enemy, and the ants will go into the same moment in the fight and the crowd attacked the monster. During the battle, some ants are killed and others are on the maimed, and the need to treat by giving them a few ants.
In the process of fighting ants can learn from some of the abilities and gain, then there is a change of color. At the end of each level usually builds up the energy of rage, and then moves away form here and we have their fingers in a rapid manner, we press the last monster insects.

Features Ant Raid for Android:

  • Bright and colorful 3D-graphics;
  • Excellent animation;
  • A fascinating story;
  • Additional survival mode;
  • Easy management;
  • Mixture of several genres - arcade, tactics and strategy;
  • A good soundtrack.
The narrative of the plot comes from the person of Queen ants and various servants, offering certain ways to enhance and protect the state. Dialogues are very funny, and give a little relaxation between challenging game levels.
Summary. Ant Raid - this is a very high quality and interesting arcade game for Android, made with taste and attention to detail. Previously, the game has already appeared on the apple platform iOS, which has managed to gather a large number of positive ratings. You can download the game for a minimal amount of 30 rubles (Lite-version at the moment, but knowing HeroCraft, we think that it will be available soon).

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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