Star Wars Rebels: Missions
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Star Wars Rebels: Missions
Star Wars Rebels: Missions
Star Wars Rebels: Missions
Star Wars Rebels: Missions
Star Wars Rebels: Missions
Star Wars Rebels: Missions
Star Wars Rebels: Missions
Star Wars Rebels: Missions

Review Star Wars Rebels: Missions

Brandon Girod
Great graphics, good on-screen controls, interesting story
Lightsabers don't feel as strong as they should
Star Wars Rebels: Missions for Android is an action platformer that features exciting combat based on Disney’s new Star Wars show, Star Wars: Rebels. It let’s you play as the show’s main three characters as you take on hordes of enemies and rescue fellow citizens in the process.
So the game features a lot of wheeling and dealing in terms of gameplay mechanics. You’re constantly on the go -- whether it’s climbing platforms or climbing platforms while trying to take out enemies -- and the on-screen button layout accommodates to this style of gameplay fairly well. I did find that the attack buttons were spaced out a bit more awkwardly than I would have liked, but on devices with smaller screens this probably wouldn’t be much of an issue.
Typical mission structure has you going from the beginning of a level to end. Along the way you’ll find hope, gold medallions, and lots of enemies to fight against as well. Hope is used like currency at your hub, finding medallions is how you’re scored, and enemy fights are always pretty fun.
Combat is straightforward. You have a blaster in the beginning and later on you gain access to a lightsaber as well. You can drab your attack button around the screen to aim, and most battles consist of dispatching waves of enemies while other times you’ll simply pass through them. I honestly didn’t find there to be much reason to use a lightsaber, though. The blaster was more effective at taking enemies out before they posed much of a threat, but deflecting lasers with your lightsaber is definitely the cooler way to do it.
The first four levels of the game are free but you’ll need to pay for the additional levels. You can buy them all at the same time for $4.99 or purchase them in packs for $2.99 each.
Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions is a great game and something you don’t see too much of on this platform. The controls are solid and gameplay is fun, but it’s kind of a hard sale if you’re not a Star Wars fan because nothing really sticks out gameplay wise. If this didn’t have the Star Wars name slapped on it then most of the allure would be gone.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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