Crafters of War
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Crafters of War
Crafters of War
Crafters of War
Crafters of War
Crafters of War
Crafters of War
Crafters of War

Review Crafters of War

Brandon Girod
Unique gameplay mechanics, fun tug-of-war combat
Retro graphics are a little too lo-fi, there are no interesting campaigns or game modes
I’ll admit, when I first heard the name of this game I was expecting another version of Minecraft with guns in it. Sifting through screenshots changed my mind, however. Crafters of War for Android is an attack/defend game where each player has a stronghold on either side and sends units to attack and defend their keep. Think of it like some kind of strategic tug of war.
Now I’ve played a lot of games like this and there is one thing they always seemed to suffer from -- better units were simply the more expensive ones and strategy largely seemed to only involved balancing fodder with stronger units. This game goes further than this and lets you craft units based on element types. You can mix and match elements to create stronger units and you’ll want to make sure the units you’re sending out are super effective against what the enemy is sending out. Otherwise you’ll just get walked over.
The combat concepts are explained in a brief tutorial but you can also choose to skip this by simply jumping right into a game versus the AI. There are several difficult options to choose from and I found that even the first one could be somewhat challenging if you’re not paying attention. Unfortunately every game is basically set up in a vacuum so there is no progression system and now campaign to really keep you going, which I think is kind of a missed step.
The gameplay is there and it’s pretty fun, but it kind of seems like there is content missing that should be surrounding the concept. The developers have proven that the mechanics are interesting but they fail to do anything interesting with it.
Crafters of War is a fun attack/defense game that has really sound mechanics but not enough to help support that. Crafting your own army is a really interesting concept and I just wish the developers fleshed this out with an interesting campaign.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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