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Does not Commute
Does not Commute
Does not Commute
Does not Commute
Does not Commute
Does not Commute
Does not Commute

Review Does not Commute

Brandon Girod
Extremely unique gameplay mechanics, fun gameplay, great graphics
The controls can feel backwards at times
When you’re sitting in traffic it’s the most uninteresting thing in the world. However, being a witness to traffic is infinitely more interesting. Does Not Commute for Android is a game that actually wants you to create traffic, and in incredibly interesting ways.
It’s a turn-based game where you take turns controlling unique characters as you lead them to their commute destination. So let’s break this down a bit so it’s easier to understand.
You start off with a quick bio of where one character is going. They have a unique starting point but an endpoint shared by multiple commuters. Turn one has you physically driving them to their location. Turn two has you taking over another character with a new story, the catch is that your turn one driver persists to automatically drive the path you drove originally while you plot out another path for driver two. Turn three has you taking control of a third while the other two drivers automatically drive their indicated paths. And the game continues for a really long time.
If that sounds confusing then you can guess just how crazy it is by the time you get to your 13th turn and you have multiple cars chaotically driving around the map.
Curve balls are thrown at you to make sure things never get boring. There is a time limit constantly counting down every second you drive and if you accidentally crash then your vehicle drives much slower and might end your total commute early.
So eventually you’ll have commuters zipping around one gigantic map and it’s really a blast to see.
Does Not Commute is easily one of the most unique games I’ve played on the mobile platform and I loved every second of it. Controls could be a little weird to remember because while you’re driving you’re often driving from various isometric perspectives but the controls remain the same. In other words, left isn’t always left. Regardless, once you get the controls down you’ll have a blast trying to make sure everyone gets where they need to be in once piece.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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