Deer Hunter Reloaded
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Deer Hunter Reloaded
Deer Hunter Reloaded
Deer Hunter Reloaded
Deer Hunter Reloaded
Deer Hunter Reloaded

Review Deer Hunter Reloaded

Evgenii Kostrov
Deer Hunter Reloaded is a very exciting game for true poachers. In this game you will find yourself in a forest Zaimka, littered with various weapons and trophies of these hunters. Do not worry, you are without a gun, too, will not leave, and if you are good to show themselves, you can hold in your hand, even with a good rifle optics or thermal imager.
Task in this game one - to shoot at anything that moves, and preferably at the same time not to fall into the milk, and in those animals that you have ordered. Speaking of orders ... Before the beginning of each new hunting you will be given an assignment, the execution of which you will be rewarded with not only a trophy, but also a certain amount of ammunition, batteries for thermal and night vision, and of course money that is oh, so useful to you in the store.
Before going on a hunt to have a supply of suitable cartridges, charged accordingly. After all, in the life you under penalty of death I will not drive with small shot or buckshot, a bear. Also absurd and go for ducks with bullets in the barrel. In the game, there is another not very nice realistic feature is reloading weapons.
Naturally, most of it is only required when the trunk or a store full of empty shells, but there are times when an animal runs in waves. In such cases, after the passage of the next wave is desirable immediately reload your weapon. Think about it, he stayed in a cartridge holder, and you wait for the next breeding season. So what? And the fact that after using the last bullet will come very long second lull caused by charge exchange.
So while you click the beast and ammunition prostynet trail. Choosing weapons before firing should consider not only the rate of recharge, or the number of rounds in the store, but stopping power. For example, despite the fact that charge rifle lasts much longer than reloading the gun, killing power first easily provide you with the presence of a trophy from the second shot. Whether this is true only if you do not hand shake and a great eye.


Using a thermal imager can be rational, not only at night but during the day. At least a day to see a tiger rushing away, among the yellow leaves, without thermal impossible. In this game, you will appreciate the very attractive graphics and animation. Sound too bad, but it is not anything supernatural. Although, what could be the correct sounds to hunt?

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 4/10
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My url is blocked so help me to download the game ,deer hunter reloaded
tarasankar sarkar
As par the clips the game seems to be a good one.But I am not allowed to download the game.I don't known the reason .But my url is blocked by (chnn).so ples help me to resolve the problem.
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