Ready Steady Bang
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Ready Steady Bang
Ready Steady Bang
Ready Steady Bang
Ready Steady Bang
Ready Steady Bang
Ready Steady Bang
Ready Steady Bang
Ready Steady Bang
Ready Steady Bang

Review Ready Steady Bang

Sergei Blyudov
Ready Steady Bang - it's very unusual and exciting simulator cowboy duel with the opportunity to play as a single player or with a live person on the same device. Race to madness is simple, and is based solely on the reaction and discipline.
Game Developed by Noodlecake, which we know from games like League of Evil and HueBrix. Developers do not have far to move away from his style and made the game in the pixel format. In this case, looks are not shabby, as the 8-bit consoles, and quite a modern, through beautiful effects.


Control of the game as simple: all that is required of the player, so it is to click on the screen once with your finger after the message "Bang". But it turns out that not everything is as simple as it seems at first. Press must be very fast, but when to do it in advance - is unknown, as the words and Ready Steady is still a random number of seconds before a "Bang". Accordingly, the stress of the game rises to great heights, as between Bang and Steady sometimes be delayed, and 30 seconds, and after all this time you have to be on full alert.
The single player campaign consists of a series of fights with arrows incorrigible wild west. Every opponent we conducted a number of duels. Difficulty of the game is estimated to be the number of milliseconds that the enemy shoots. Also your skills assessed by the argument.

Features Ready Steady Bang for Android:

  • Geimpley unique and idea of ​​the game;
  • Opportunity to play together on the same device;
  • Stylized pixel graphics;
  • Very simple interface, and administration;
  • Completely free game without advertising.
The full potential of the game is revealed if you do not play it alone, but with a live person. In this case, the screen is divided into two conventional field, and everyone should have time to click faster opponent after the word "Bang".
To add more fun moments in the game, the developers have come up with 31 version of how after receiving the shot falls cowboy. To open them, you need to go through the single player and then view them in the section "Gallery".
Summary. Ready Steady Bang - it's one of the best arcade games for Android, you can play together on the same device. The developers managed to implement good geimpley, which raises the degree of tension to insane heights during each round.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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