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Mad Dex
Mad Dex
Mad Dex
Mad Dex
Mad Dex
Mad Dex
Mad Dex
Mad Dex

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Brandon Girod
Good physics
Drab level design, infringes on copyright material
If you’re a PC gamer then you might look at this game and think, “Hey, I think I’ve seen this before!” Well, that’s because you have. Mad Dex is an unabashed rip-off a PC game called Super Meat Boy, which features a boy of meat on a quest to save his girlfriend from an evil brain in a mech suit.
Not surprisingly, this game features a boy made of meat who’s girlfriend was also kidnapped. So you go through intense platforming levels filled with lots of sharp objects so you can go and find her. Unfortunately, where Super Meat Boy was lauded for some of the tightest controls of any platformer ever, this game just kind of falls on its face with awkward on-screen controls. It took me a considerable amount of time to learn how to not fight with the controls whereas Super Meat Boy’s controls were so good that you didn’t even need to think about them.
This game’s level design also frustrates me because it uses a lot of off-screen paths that forces you to always make sure you’re click on the magnifying glass that (for some reason) zooms out of the screen.
It gets worse too because the levels never get any cooler and there aren’t any awesome boss battles that you get to participate in. Instead you get to play through 23 levels that all feel the same.
Mad Dex is a knock-off through and through. The level design is boring, the artwork was basically stolen, and the entire time I played it I just wanted to turn it off so I could go play Super Meat Boy on my PC.

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Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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Super Meat Boy Ripoff
Hmm, dont agree with Brandon.
Xtreme gameplay. Hyperactive.
So hardcore !
Too short. But amazing !
Thats the biggest lie i have ever seen
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