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Dungeon Link
Dungeon Link
Dungeon Link
Dungeon Link
Dungeon Link
Dungeon Link
Dungeon Link
Dungeon Link

Review Dungeon Link

Brandon Girod
Amazing combat system, great graphics, fun mechanics, no perpetual grind
Not a huge fan of all the character designs
Typically big developers, in the mobile market, are the ones that set bad examples by pushing out high quality, but bad, games. Okay, maybe it’s not just the mobile market, but still. That said, Dungeon Link for Android is a puzzle RPG that pretty much blew my mind. It’s got one of the most fun and robust combat systems on a mobile game and greatly reduces the endless grinding mechanics.
The beginning of the game starts off with a bit of story and let’s you play as one of the major characters in the game. You’ll learn about the game’s combat system during this segment and will eventually be lead to selecting your own character. The story isn’t exactly compelling but what’s there is well written, which is far and above what most happens in most mobile RPGs.
Combat is absolutely fantastic and more than makes up for the lack of a heavy story. As is typical, you gather a party of heroes and fight enemies. The combat system is a grid, however, and each character has two spaces on said grid. You need to draw a line from one spot to the other in a way that lets you attack enemies as you pass through but also leaves room for your other characters to attack. If you manage to move all of your heroes while also using every tile then you’ll perform a perfect attack which is absolutely brutal. I don’t think I’ve seen a more fun and engaging battle system in an RPG like this.
Outside of battle you have your normal hub where you can check out what quests you have, purchase currency to unlock new heroes, and everything else you would assume you could do. What I really enjoy about this game is there is lack of constantly fusing, upgrading, and leveling of every character on your team. These systems are there but they’re nowhere near as grindy.
Overall I was incredibly impressed with Dungeon Link and think it’s probably the best RPG you could be playing right now.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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