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Review reVoid

Brandon Girod
Great aesthetic, solid controls, cute unlocks
Repetitive gameplay
ReVoid for Android is an arcade game that I feel almost completely neutral about, which is kind of a bad thing. As the player, you’ll tap your spaceman as he flies through space trying to avoid asteroids and comments but picking up stars along the way.
I feel neutral about the game because objectively it’s not bad, but I had a hard time getting into it. The gameplay is a bit more dynamic than your typical endless runner because you have to react fast and there always seems to be new things coming at you. On the other hand, all you have to do is tap in a direction to move. The lack of complexity almost put me to sleep because all you’re doing is avoiding objects.
There are stars to collect along the way and these exist solely so you can buy new objects like a zombie or penguin to fly around with. While I did find the characters cute, I wasn’t exactly riled up to go and collect the huge amounts of stars I would need to go about doing so. In fact, looking at how many are required for the banana (15500) just made me want to put the game down.
It’s a game that simply caters to the lowest common denominator. There is nothing really bad about the game, but there isn’t anything particularly good about it either. It does what it does well enough, but it’s just not exciting.
ReVoid could really use some kind of pick-me up, but I’m not even sure where it would begin. It has responsive controls and a great aesthetic, but the game just wasn’t enjoyable to play and I found myself fatigued when I finally put it down.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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