Gun Rider - Racing Shooter
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Gun Rider - Racing Shooter
Gun Rider - Racing Shooter
Gun Rider - Racing Shooter
Gun Rider - Racing Shooter
Gun Rider - Racing Shooter
Gun Rider - Racing Shooter
Gun Rider - Racing Shooter
Gun Rider - Racing Shooter

Review Gun Rider - Racing Shooter

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, smooth unlock progression, fun gameplay
The physics can get awkward, could use more environment variety
Physics games were made popular to the mainstream in flash games where you would ride motorcycles on sidescrolling levels and try to balance them as you traversed increasingly more difficult obstacles. Gun Rider takes that concept, throws you in a dune buggy, and gives you some big guns to play around with. And just like you might expect, it’s a lot of fun.
To be honest, the physics based obstacles kind of eventually end up taking a backseat to the shooting which is a bit of a disappointment. That’s not to say that they aren’t there but they definitely aren’t on par with other games like this. That’s mostly because the game throws a totally different type of obstacle at you.
As you drive around you’ll be shot at, you’ll have your path blocked, and other things you need to shoot so you can get to the end of each level. You’re graded on how fast you complete the level and the faster you complete the level the more money you get for upgrades.
The upgrade system is honestly pretty simple. You get a few weapons and extra armor. But the good thing is that the progression is actually obtainable. I had two of the weapons and some armor within the first fifteen minutes of playing.
That can swing both ways because once the progression ends a lot of players begin to get board, and the game’s level design really doesn’t do a whole lot to try and keep players entertained in that aspect. The environment stays the same and the natural obstacles have some odd physics issues at times.
Gun Rider is a totally competent game, though. I had a blast watching things blow up around me and the set pieces in the game are actually pretty impressive. The graphics and gameplay are all here, though.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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