Master of Cards - TCG game
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Master of Cards - TCG game
Master of Cards - TCG game
Master of Cards - TCG game
Master of Cards - TCG game
Master of Cards - TCG game
Master of Cards - TCG game
Master of Cards - TCG game
Master of Cards - TCG game

Review Master of Cards - TCG game

Brandon Girod
Excellent card-based gameplay, mechanics are sound, you can customize your deck
Enemies can use the same card multiple times, the aesthetic content is questionable
Card games have been around for a really, really long time but good ones on mobile platforms have been far and few between. In fact, aside from the extremely recent Hearthstone, I can’t really even name one that was actually fun to play. Master of Cards for Android takes a lot of queues from Hearthstone, but actually manages to do so while having a bit of its own personality, and with that I can easily say it’s one of the best ones to come out yet.
In case you haven’t jumped on the Hearthstone bandwagon, both of these games are card games that involved building up a hand and attacking each other until the other opponent runs out of hit points. Different cards require different amounts of energy to play and you gain one energy slot after every turn. So on turn one you have enough energy to play a one energy card, which is usually a very weak card, and the next turn you’d be able to play a two energy card.
Cards have attack points, health points, and sometimes they have other modifiers which is what makes the game really interesting. I obviously didn’t have the chance to see every card in the game, but I was surprised to find that there isn’t as many random modifiers as there are in other games like this one, which I think is great. Random factors can really turn the tide of a game and it can feel a bit frustrating if you’re counting on a play and the RNG gods totally screw you over.
That said, there are some other omissions from the game that should be addressed. There was one computer AI, for instance, that had multiple 6/5 cards (6 damage/5 health) and just kept spamming them. Other games restrict the number of single cards you can have in a deck. You’re limited to only two, but opponents are not.
My experience with Master of Cards was really positive overall. I think the card designs are a bit hit and miss. They’re all parodies of actors, and they aren’t even cleverly done, but that’s okay. The core gameplay is fun and while you can certainly pay for more cards, you’re constantly earning them anyway.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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