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Way of Tanks
Way of Tanks
Way of Tanks
Way of Tanks
Way of Tanks
Way of Tanks
Way of Tanks
Way of Tanks

Review Way of Tanks

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, interesting setting
Touch input seems to be hit or miss, gameplay gets hectic quickly
I’ve recently come across several endless runners that have actually surprised me in terms of gameplay quality. Way of Tanks for Android is another one that really tries to break the mold but in a much more traditional way than a few of the others I’ve recently reviewed.
So let’s get right to the point, this is a game very much about persistent reaction and more so than a normal endless runner is. You have your typical three lanes with obstacles you’ll need to avoid and this is all shot from a top-down perspective.
Swiping left or right moves your character, swiping up makes you tank jump (?), and swiping down actually makes you shoot your cannon, which is crucial for a number of different things. There are mini-boss fights to partake in and obstacles that are just begging to be blown up.
All of this leads to a fairly engaging experience but I found the touch input of the game to be a bit less reactionary than expected. Sometimes two consecutive swipes would only register as one and more often than not this would ultimately result in a premature death. It felt cheap because I had reacted correctly but the game just felt like it wasn’t keeping up.
I felt similarly about the upgrade system. Most of the upgrades were boring stat upgrades and the tanks you can unlock are incredibly expensive. Not too out of reach but you’ll definitely be playing for several hours before you grab one.
Way of Tanks probably wouldn’t be on my top 10 endless runners list but it is a really good one that does its best to break the mold a bit, and for that I really commend them. The gameplay is fun, touch is a bit off, but it all comes together in a pretty positive experience.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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