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The Firm
The Firm
The Firm
The Firm
The Firm
The Firm
The Firm

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Jay Feldman
Neat graphics, addictive game play, responsive controls
High difficulty, the game is too short, monotonous game play
The Firm for Android is a weird little replay game that apparently borrows its title from the John Grisham novel by the same name. This one is all about buying and selling stocks, and has intentionally counter intuitive mechanics aimed at messing you up. This is a replay game at heart, and unlike most entries in this genre, the game is actually playable and addictive.
The app displays in portrait and features a pixel looking broker seated at his desk. He's sifting through stock certificates trying to get rich, and your mission, is to buy and sell stocks as fast as you can. Swipe left to sell off stocks and swipe right to buy. There's 4 different kinds of stocks in total, each coded either green or red, and having an up or down arrow on the certificate. The fast pace assures you'll get confused often, and mess up by swiping the wrong direction, thus ending the game. The play successfully creates imperative by having these stock certificates pile up high and fast, and requiring you to move faster and faster to stay ahead of the overflow; move too slowly and it's game over.
The graphics are heavy on the pixels, with annoying MIDI style music to match. The animation is simple but suits the play nicely. There's actually some decent details to enjoy, along with an esoteric ending sequence that lets you know how many days you threw away, feeding the endless corporate machine that bled years off your life.
The Firm has all the elements a good replay game should possess. This is a decent time killer with some originality, which is saying a lot for the replay genre.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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