C.H.A.O.S Tournament
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C.H.A.O.S Tournament
C.H.A.O.S Tournament
C.H.A.O.S Tournament
C.H.A.O.S Tournament
C.H.A.O.S Tournament
C.H.A.O.S Tournament
C.H.A.O.S Tournament

Review C.H.A.O.S Tournament

Sergei Petrov
CHAOS Tournament - a fascinating simulator helicopters for Android, which allows real-time to try your hand at challenging battles against live players. The game is a direct continuation of the original with a modified version of CHAOS graphics, new maps, game modes and competitive system.
The new part will be in stores applications Google Play, and is available under the motto: "The sky should be only one". And now the game can be downloaded free of charge (there is a paid version with additional bonus in the form of gold).


CHAOS Tournament game is on the line between serious and simple action game simulator. Balance control as accurately observed that the game is mastered in just a 10-15 minutes during the passage of simple learning. Control of the helicopter are very sensitive and responsive.
In order to aim at the enemy, you need to send him a helicopter, then tilt your smartphone and have yet to put things right height. This is a very correct and the right approach, because if the gun is controlled independently from the helicopter, then we would have waited another shooter in the sky, in the spirit Bombshells or Sky Gamblers .


At any time, you can join a multiplayer game and try your hand at one of the many cards. As the skills and increasing the number of helicopters shot down by you, you get a new title and the money that can be spent on upgrading or buying a new combat helicopter. In CHAOS Tournament present in almost all models of helicopters from the United States, Russia and other countries.
If you feel already an experienced pilot, it's time to try your hand at the tournament, with the participation in which will have to pay a gold coin. At the start, they give only 5 pieces, and to make them, you need to perform single mission or invest in real money play.
In general, the competitive advantage of helicopters is not bleeding heavily, so people who have invested a lot of money in the game and pump helicopters to the maximum, though, and will have advantages over you, but not too big. It is all about your ability to quickly take aim, shoot and deftly evade enemy bullets and rockets.

The main features of CHAOS Tournament for Android:

  • Full Russian translation of the game;
  • Daily exciting tournaments with prizes;
  • Improved 3D-graphics;
  • Convenient control of the helicopter and gesture support for fast maneuvers;
  • A large number of helicopters to choose from;
  • 8 single missions;
  • Multiple network modes of play;
  • More than 10 thoughtful cards.
If you played the first game, you'll also be able to move your original profile with preservation of all achievements and awards. For instructions, you will need the original game CHAOS open the profile and click "Transfer", then follow the instructions.
Summary. CHAOS Tournament - this is a very high-quality and full-line simulator for Android, you can play for days and hours. The game has a very deep and thoughtful geimpley, and a large number of maps and interesting modes of combat with the ability to play online.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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