Aliando Super Bike
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Aliando Super Bike
Aliando Super Bike
Aliando Super Bike
Aliando Super Bike
Aliando Super Bike
Aliando Super Bike
Aliando Super Bike
Aliando Super Bike

Review Aliando Super Bike

Brandon Girod
Balanced controls, good graphics
Boring combat, only two enemy types
Aliando Super Bike for Android is a vehicular combat game featuring an up and coming Indonesian movie star that almost no one here in America will know, but you’ll definitely see his face awkwardly plastered all over the game. In case you’re curious, he looks like a long lost Jonas brother.
To put it frankly, this is not a good game and the developers seemingly thought slapping Aliando’s name in the game would be all they needed to success. Unfortunately, there is almost nothing that great about it aside from competent controls.
The shooting mechanic is delegated to one on-screen button and heavily restricted by a “overheating” bar. The first gun can fire for maybe 5 seconds before you have to wait 10 to 15 seconds or more before letting it cool down and trying to manage the heat level is almost pointless.
There are only two types of enemies and one level. You’ve got guys in pickup trucks that shoot machine guns at you and motorcycles that lob grenades towards you. Neither are very interesting and blowing them up seems to be random. Otherwise they catch on fire and slowly drive out of the picture -- all while still shooting at you.
The game challenges you to take these guys out because they’re trying to prevent you from advancing, but there is nothing to “advance” towards. There are several weapons to unlock, but all they do is manage the heat cool down a bit better.
Aliando Super Bike is an empty shell of a game with an unknown name attached to it. There is an extremely small amount of content and what’s there really isn’t worth your time.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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