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Tiny Guardians
Tiny Guardians
Tiny Guardians
Tiny Guardians
Tiny Guardians
Tiny Guardians
Tiny Guardians
Tiny Guardians

Review Tiny Guardians

Brandon Girod
Beautiful graphics, unique premise, excellent gameplay
Troop AI can be bad
Tiny Guardians for Android is the type of innovation mobile developers really need to take note of. The art really reminds me of Kingdom Rush, another great tower defense game, but the gameplay turns the genre on its head by making your towers mobile. You’ll need to gather up a part and travel down a dangerous path to reach the end.
So the whole idea is that towers don’t exist, but game’s still play out the same way. There is a pre-determined path that your party will walk along, and you’ll need to defend your summoner from various enemies planted along the path. Gameplay is incredibly dynamic because you’ll be attacked from every angle, and will need to position members of your party accordingly.
Party members are summoned in and cost mana like towers would traditionally cost money. Parties can be downed, which means you’ll need to effectively manage and upgrade them in order to not be caught off guard. There are several different types of party members to summon and they’re all good at different things. Warriors make for great tanks, for instance, and archers are great at DPS.
The game is just about as difficult as you’d like it to be, too. In fact, I only managed to score two out of three stars in my first mission. This is mostly because the AI of your troops can be pretty hit or miss. You’ll position them one place and then they’ll run off somewhere else. It can be slightly furstrating.
Overall, Tiny Guardians is an amazing take on the traditional tower defense gameplay. The graphics are great, gameplay is unique, and there is enough here to keep you sucked in for hours and hours.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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