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Happy Jump
Happy Jump
Happy Jump
Happy Jump
Happy Jump
Happy Jump
Happy Jump
Happy Jump
Happy Jump
Happy Jump
Happy Jump
Happy Jump
Happy Jump
Happy Jump
Happy Jump
Happy Jump
Happy Jump
Happy Jump
Happy Jump

Review Happy Jump

Alexander Vorobyev
Happy Jump is a really sweet and simple time killer game for Android devices that can be called something in between an arcade runner and jumper. This is one of the fewer games of this genre that’s going to be a perfect fit for both adults and children. More to that, it’s highly exciting at the same time!
It was developed by Noodlecake Studios and it tells us about a really happy piece of jelly that needs to jump as high as it can, collecting gold coins and apples on the way as well as dodging evil bees. You will need to help it become even happier by conquering new heights.

Game play

The game controls are very simple. The jelly piece jumps automatically and therefore the only thing you’ll need to do is tilting your device to help it move left or right. All along the way up there will be a lot of platforms that you will need to jump on. Mind though that some of them can be broken if you jump on them at least once.
If you move behind the screen, you will appear from the other side of it. It’s a helpful catch that lets you overcome obstacles like moving bees that can kill you. The main aim in this game is to collect as many gold coins and apples as you can. Every time you collect one, you will be flying upward very quickly.
Apart from it, the game features lots of upgrades and boosts that you can purchase using coins you earn.

Key features of Happy Jump for Android:

  • Great colorful cartoonish graphics;
  • Simple controls;
  • Funny and happy atmosphere;
  • Lots of built-in upgrades and boosts;
  • Endless game play.
This game is a great example of how proper jumpers should be made. It’s simple, light, funny, inspiring, and addictive.


Happy Jump is a great endless game for Android devices that both adults and children will definitely like. It seems that the game (especially the main character) inspires you and makes life a bit happier!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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wow ! thanks
mrs. surekha
interesting game
THIS GAME Happy JUMP was really fantastic and i'm excited very much i loveeeeeeeeeeee it
i like this game
N tem musica :s
this game is amazing my freind mia had it first on her htc now im getting it
Gra jest po prostu rewelacyjna polecam
jb #1 fan
This is the best game ever!!!!!! It is soooo cute. I first started playing on my friend Lynzies ipod, then got the game for my phone.
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