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Pumped: BMX
Pumped: BMX
Pumped: BMX
Pumped: BMX
Pumped: BMX
Pumped: BMX

Review Pumped: BMX

Sergei Petrov
Pumped: BMX - this is a very interesting and complex simulator tricks performed on specially designed for this bike - BMX. The game turned on all sides mixed with unusual control, a large set of tricks and openly challenging levels, which definitely lovers really tough arcades.
Development of the game deals with one of the most creative studios Noodlecake, which account for more than a dozen fascinating and interesting projects. Of case studies and surveys on our site, we can identify a game like Continuity 2, HueBrix, League of Evil. Business card studio - always madly simple graphics and a lot of attention to geimpleyu and physical component.


The game is divided into many similar and repetitive levels that differ only in size and complexity of the jumps. At each level, we have to drive to the end of the track and at the same type of tricks with maximum points.
Management in Pumped: BMX very unusual and delicate, twisting the knob pedals answers button at the bottom right corner, but the slopes are already being produced using the accelerometer. The slopes in this game need not only to properly land after a stunt, they also affect the acceleration and altitude. For example, if you ride on the mountain, and you want to speed up, you need to lean forward, and only towards the end of ramp, lean back to soar as high as possible.
A virtual stick on the right side of the screen can cause mild surprise, since it serves to activate the trick that the game as much as 8 species. For each trick there is a definite direction stick, and in theory, they should all memorize. Hard to force yourself to remember them is not worth it, because at any moment you can call a cheat sheet (top left corner), and to the 10 level, they remembered themselves.

The main features of Pumped: BMX for Android:

  • Unique realistic geimpley;
  • More than 100 different levels and tasks;
  • 8 different tricks, not including acrobatic flips and combinations (in the aggregate more than 1,000 variations);
  • A colorful hand-drawn graphics in HD-quality;
  • The high complexity of the game.
Summary. Pumped: BMX - is a worthy and very interesting mix of arcade and simulation for Android. The game comes in two versions - paid and free. They differ only by the built-in advertising. If you enjoy the game, be sure to pay attention to the Daredevil Rider , it's almost the same thing, only in 3D and on motorcycles.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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