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PasswordBox Free Password Safe
PasswordBox Free Password Safe
PasswordBox Free Password Safe
PasswordBox Free Password Safe
PasswordBox Free Password Safe
PasswordBox Free Password Safe

Review PasswordBox Free Password Safe

Jay Feldman
Interesting functionality, various features, simple interface
Security risk, non-intuitive interface, internet connection required
PasswordBox is yet another of those password storing apps that purports to keep all your critically sensitive personal data and passwords safe. We're all struggling to keep up with this endless string of passwords we are forced to create. Virtually every meaningless app or website wants you to create an account, which only adds to our ever growing list of user names and passwords we have to keep track of. Enter PasswordBox, which touts the ability to make storing and using passwords a simple affair.
To make the magic happen, just select an account from a list of major retailers and websites provided, like Best Buy, Facebook, Groupon, Gmail, Pinterest and many others. The app works with virtually any website that requires a password, provided you are willing to share it with this little known app. Once you've populated all of your various accounts, the app can work its magic for you. Just visit any website as usual, and when you're prompted for a user name and password, the app can insert it for you automatically. The idea here, is that you can feel free to create strong, hard to remember, and hard to hack, passwords, and never have to write them down, let alone remember them. And thus, your online life with be all the more secure, right? Well, think again.
What if someone gets the master password you set for this app; then what? Well, they will gain access to virtually all of your passwords across the internet, and even worse, will have all of your critical details like license, social security number and perhaps even bank accounts and passports, if you're foolish enough to trust this app with all that critical information.
In its purest sense PasswordBox can indeed save you time, but personally, I think trusting this app with all that critical information is just a hack waiting to happen. Just use Google Chrome instead; it already saves passwords and personal data for you, and I trust Google to keep me safe more than this fledgling app.

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