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Rocket Island
Rocket Island
Rocket Island
Rocket Island
Rocket Island
Rocket Island

Review Rocket Island

Sergei Petrov
Rocket Island - this is an unusual and very interesting puzzle game, in which our goal is to raise the short term as many spaceships and send people to the moon, until the land finally collapsed under the impact of natural disasters.
Development of the game deals with our favorite studio HandyGames, we know very well by such masterpieces as the Save The Puppies and Guns . At this time, the developers also did not disappoint. Rocket Island game was very atmospheric, especially in terms of graphics and sound, which is packed with notes of sadness and inevitability.


Geimpleya feel of the game is very much like a puzzle in a series of "three in a row", such as the UK and Diamond boom . Here, our objective is to allocate a certain number of the same elements as a function of speed. That is, in the first move, we can select only one item and it will change, then two, three, four, etc. This releases hexes (equilateral hexagon) should be close and touch their faces.
Each hex is consistently more states: water, dry land, grass, wood floor, harvesting rocket, ready to launch, and again water (rocket flew.) The whole complexity of the game is that while we harvest and fire missiles into the air, with the remains of our land is continuously natural disasters, floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and meteorite. Cells gradually becoming smaller hexagons, and the playing field is narrowed. The more we have time to build rockets and launch them to the moon, the more points we get in the end.

Features Rocket Island for Android:

  • The two main modes of play - casual (no time limit) and action (time limited to 60 seconds, for which you have to have time to build and send up rockets);
  • High-quality graphics in a steampunk-style;
  • Atmospheric soundtrack;
  • Opportunity to compete with friends from Facebook.
Drawback of the game is exactly one, but very important: the complete absence of any plot development, that is, levels. All that is in the game - two levels, they are also two modes, and each time we just start the game over.
Summary. Rocket Island - it's very atmospheric and exciting game for Android, which will appeal to all fans of puzzle and genres, "puzzles" and "three in a row." In general, we strongly recommend that you play this latest earth-saving madness and send as many as possible in the new colony, located on the moon.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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