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Escape Saga
Escape Saga
Escape Saga
Escape Saga
Escape Saga
Escape Saga
Escape Saga
Escape Saga

Review Escape Saga

Brandon Girod
Interesting and unique puzzles, one-of-a-kind gameplay
Unlocking new levels is a convoluted process, some puzzles are borderline impossible without clues
Escape Saga for Android is a puzzle game that marries point-and-click puzzles to the mobile platform, and it kind of seems like a long time coming. Each tower you go in has a series of rooms and you need to solve the puzzle to find the key for each room in order to move on throughout the game. Don’t think this will be easy, though.
Each room has a door that you need to open but the key is always hidden. There will be clues in each room that try to tip you off on ways to find the key and sometimes they’ll be a lot more obvious than others. A few puzzles I completed wanted me to move my fingers across the screen in certain ways, which are things that nothing in the room ever really hinted at.
Luckily you get clues that you can use and most of the time these are good enough to help you get started. Unfortunately, you don’t get infinite clues unless you decide it’s worth putting some money into the game.
When you finish up one tower you have to do a bunch of mundane tasks like going back into a certain room from another tower and finding an item in there. No need to solve any puzzles, just find the item. And then you have to wait for a timer before they’ll tell you what other needless task you need to complete before unlocking the next levels. But you can always speed up the process by throwing money at it.
It seems like the developers are more worried about making a quick buck than making a fluid gameplay experience. I enjoy the theme and concept, but absolutely abhor the execution. Puzzles can be so meticulous in how to start them that it seems like the developers were banking on the player needing more hints in order to continue. Thanks, but there are better puzzle games out there.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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