Dragon Warcraft
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Dragon Warcraft
Dragon Warcraft
Dragon Warcraft
Dragon Warcraft
Dragon Warcraft
Dragon Warcraft
Dragon Warcraft

Review Dragon Warcraft

Sergei Blyudov
Dragon Warcraft - is a fun action-strategy arcade game for Android, in which we will defend the fortress from attacking the army of demons and dragons. Our objective is to recruit the army and managing the main gun of the door lock.
Engaged in developing a game studio FT Games, which specializes in such games. Among the examples we can identify the game Zombie Evil , has a similar idea, but with a different geimpleem.


Control of the game is very simple and easy to learn. But the more complex levels are, the more the player will be required more attention and action. So, get ready for what is already at level 10 you have to frantically press buttons and quickly drive a finger across the screen in this game is more action than strategy.
Entire tactical part Dragon Warcraft is, in what order, and what units we will send in opposition attacker. Frustrating is that the attacking enemy will always be stronger and reach the enemy base, both in the Royal Revolt here we will never, all the battles are only at the gate.
To shoot from the artillery gun, simply click on the enemy. We can also run the magic, but must drag the icon onto the playing field, and then will be visible to the affected area, and we will only release your finger to activate a magic.
The game has a detailed system of pumping all three aspects of protection (gun, magic, units). We can learn new skills, improvements to the main unit or pump gun. All in the game for more than 30 combinations of improvements and upgrades, each skill can be pumped several times (each time it gets better).

Features Dragon Warcraft for Android:

  • An infinite number of levels with increasing difficulty;
  • More than 30 variants of pumping and branching skill tree;
  • This dynamic and exciting geimpley;
  • Thrilling battles with the bosses of dragons and demons;
  • Colorful graphics and vivid animation effects;
  • The unique sound atmosphere.
Summary. Dragon Warcraft - it is an interesting game with very high dynamics and a deep component geimpleya pumping strength. The disadvantages of the game can be attributed only intrusive system of donation, but can not be helped, because the game is completely free. We also recommend you take a look at the nearest competitors Wars Online and Empire Orcs Vs .

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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