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Beast Quest
Beast Quest
Beast Quest
Beast Quest
Beast Quest
Beast Quest
Beast Quest
Beast Quest

Review Beast Quest

Jay Feldman
Quality 3D graphics, exciting plot, responsive controls
Too easy, monotonous game play, animation is a bit laggy
Beast Quest for Android is exactly what it sounds like - a fantasy quest where you're combating an array of mythic beasts. Search a winter wonderland as an indigenous warrior to do battle with the likes of ravenous wolves and the abominable snowman, all while collecting magic plants that restore your health and in search of treasure chests just sitting out in the open of these arctic wilds.
The game unfolds with a point of view seen from just behind your warrior, but you can also drag and slide the camera angle to see the environment in full 360 degrees as it rotates around our brave Inuit warrior. Naturally, our warrior is also carrying a humongous sword and nerves of steel too. It doesn't take long before you encounter that mythic Yeti, who towers above you like King Kong and takes swipes at you with its massive paws. But that's a fight best fought another day, and the Yeti runs off after giving you a warning and a taste of its awesome power. You'll encounter a lot of black wolves, who snarl and snap at you. Truthfully, the battle sequences are a little repetitive, but still manage to be exciting.
The graphics are excellent, the controls are responsive and the animation is clean, though it does stutter often. The story isn't half bad, offering read along text between battles and an array of tasks and objectives to complete.
Beast Quest is decent enough, but could be so much better. With a little more intrigue and variance in the mechanics, this one could be a real winner.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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