Battlefield Combat Nova Nation
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Battlefield Combat Nova Nation
Battlefield Combat Nova Nation
Battlefield Combat Nova Nation
Battlefield Combat Nova Nation
Battlefield Combat Nova Nation
Battlefield Combat Nova Nation

Review Battlefield Combat Nova Nation

Jay Feldman
Quality 3D graphics, exciting plot, addictive game play
Uses a lot of system resources, challenging controls, animation is a bit laggy
Battlefield Interstellar for Android is an intense action shooter, as seen from your sniper's point of view. There's several missions to complete, all of which follow the same basic format, however, the play is fun and addictive. I was definitely feeling the angst and imperative when those goons were coming at me, and I could almost feel my heart in my throat. This one is just flat out cool, even if it is repetitively monotonous.
The controls are highly sophisticated and nuanced, allowing for expert play, but they also take some getting used to, for sure. There's several weaponry buttons on the right, along with zoom and scope functions on the left. Using everything in tandem, and effectively, is where this game is won and lost. Basically, you find yourself behind enemy lines, and your mission, is to kill or be killed. I was particularly fond of the scope view, which places your enemy in the crosshairs. Most enemies take two or more direct hits before they're taken down, and the blood splatters and physical reactions are realistic and add to the overall play. The sounds go for realism and rounded out the realistic effect quite nicely. The graphics feature 3D style perspectives and a rich color palate.
Battlefield Interstellar has a lot going for it, and while elements of the game feel rather pat and predictable, overall, it delivers the goods and is a quality game presentation, through and through. This one is entertaining.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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