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Review CivCrafter

Jay Feldman
One-finger controls
Too easy, bores you really quickly, monotonous game play
CivCrafter for Android is, well... boring. Oh, and it's also really, really stupid. Basically, if you can tap your screen in rapid-fire succession, then you too can master this dull and boring game. Basically, this one takes all the charm of Minecraft and tosses it out the window, retaining only a basic inventory view of your natural resources, and delivering copious text based statistics about the state of your civilization. And if all that sounds like fun to you, then perhaps you should raise your standards.
CivCrafter is a crafting game for people who don't have the patience or motivation to master a real crafting game. Basically, there's 3 natural resources onscreen, represented by large icons; an apple, a stump and a rock. Just tap each one as many times as your speedy little digits can handle, and when you think you can't tap another tap, pull yourself up by the bootstraps and tap some more. That's actually it, so far as action and excitement goes. The rest of the game is all about statistical data, and building up your civilization by the numbers. In one respect, I can actually get behind the brevity of dispensing with the obligatory construction side of placing structures, waiting for build times, and all that cookie cutter stuff. Here' at least it just gets right to the point - either pay for play, or tap your finger until it's reduced to a nub.
CivCrafter doesn't have much to offer and only drives home the point that games like this really aren't about much of anything, nor do they take any skill or ability to master; just the willingness to shell out copious pocket change in search of a good time that this game can never deliver.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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