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Hunger Crunch
Hunger Crunch
Hunger Crunch
Hunger Crunch
Hunger Crunch
Hunger Crunch
Hunger Crunch
Hunger Crunch
Hunger Crunch
Hunger Crunch
Hunger Crunch
Hunger Crunch
Hunger Crunch
Hunger Crunch
Hunger Crunch
Hunger Crunch
Hunger Crunch
Hunger Crunch
Hunger Crunch

Review Hunger Crunch

Tariq Abdulla
Good graphics, various levels, interesting gameplay, simple operation
No significant shortcomings
Hunger Crunch for Android is a side scroller where you play this black shaggy beast on a quest to defeat hunger. As a twist, all proceeds the game makes are donated to charities combating hunger. So you are also directly "fighting hunger" by playing the game, which is a heartwarming spin.
Aside from the worthy cause, the gameplay itself is very good. In each level, you need to collect as many candy coins as possible while taking out as many hunger minions as you can in the process. You do this by jumping on their heads, and often you will bounce over a whole sequence of them very pleasingly. Oftentimes you combine collecting coins with jumping on heads, as your shaggy beasts leaps and bounds through the sky.
You can jump a bit further by holding for longer, and can smash straight downwards by tapping again during a jump. You'll need this move for bouncing down on minion heads at the right moment, as well as collecting vertical columns of candy coins.
Some baddies are carrying flaming balls, so you have to jump over them, while others are floating on spiky balls, so you can only bounce on them from above. You can collect powerups like extra lives or chillies, where you run fast and breathe out a stream of fireballs. Altogether, this is great fun.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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