Star Traders RPG Elite
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Star Traders RPG Elite
Star Traders RPG Elite
Star Traders RPG Elite
Star Traders RPG Elite
Star Traders RPG Elite
Star Traders RPG Elite

Review Star Traders RPG Elite

Jay Feldman
Interesting plot, simple controls
Bores you really quickly, low quality graphics, low quality animation
Star Traders RPG Elite is a fantasy RPG quest that takes place in the depths of space, where you explore different planetary systems. Truth be told, the play is rather dry and boring, and likely best suited for diehard fans of the genre.
You command your fleet from the imaginary bridge of your star ship, and the play requires strategy, logic and patience to spare. The plot has you traveling across the galaxy in rudimentary fashion, where you'll engage in plodding battles that don't really go anywhere or offer much of anything interesting to see. You'll have to decide if you're an assassin, bounty hunter, trader or pirate smuggler. The animation is near nonexistent, and the sounds do little to elevate the play. There's lots to play here for free, but naturally, the paid Elite edition promises greater adventures and loads more fun. Having played the Elite version, I'm hard pressed to say this game is worth the purchase price.
The graphics are rather rudimentary, leaving most of the visuals to your imagination. The game very much comes off with an old school, 8bit feel that leaves much to be desired. I'm all for retro games of imagination, but I still need something to latch onto, otherwise I may as well be playing an actual board game. The controls are just basic screen taps to make copious menu selections.
Star Traders RPG Elite shows a lot more promise than it currently delivers upon. I found this one to be deathly boring and absolutely hated playing it.

Final ratings

Gameplay 5/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 5/10
Sound 6/10
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