Paranormal Agency 2
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Paranormal Agency 2
Paranormal Agency 2
Paranormal Agency 2
Paranormal Agency 2
Paranormal Agency 2
Paranormal Agency 2

Review Paranormal Agency 2

Jay Feldman
Quality graphics, interesting plot, responsive controls
Too easy, very common, low quality animation
Paranormal Agency 2 is a seek and find adventure that takes place in an old mansion on the outskirts of a not so peaceful village. Naturally, this is one of those haunted sort of mansions, akin to the kind found in those old Scooby Do cartoons, complete with disembodied spirits aimed at scaring you away. Your mission, is to explore rooms, find triggers that drive the plot forward, and engage in a series of single screen hidden objects play. Sometimes you're just finding objects off a list, while other times, you combine objects to make others that can be used to complete certain tasks. There's also a host of mini game puzzles to solve, adding some much needed dynamics and intrigue to the play.
As the story goes, you're a paranormal specialist called to the scene after everyone fears the worst. Ghosts are haunting this mansion and things are getting worse. The townsfolk are scared and you're their only hope. The mayor has brought you here to help figure out what's going on at this haunted abode. So all you gotta do, is search all the rooms, solve the mini games and uncover the deeper mystery, and yes, much like Scooby Do, the end result is never a satisfying as the journey makes it appear.
The game boasts roughly 100 scenes to explore, with casual and expert modes. The graphics are excellent, with lots of nice details to enjoy. The animation is basic motion tracking on still images and the game's weakest element, next to the stilted written plot.
Paranormal Agency 2 is a solid hidden objects game, however, it brings little new or novel to the mix and feels exactly like every other hidden objects game out there.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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