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Turret Commander
Turret Commander
Turret Commander
Turret Commander
Turret Commander
Turret Commander

Review Turret Commander

Sergei Petrov
Turret Commander - is a fun game in which we will operate in small arms flying fighter, which is surrounded by an army of enemy planes and bombers.
Engaged in developing a game studio Kylinworks, whom we know from the unusual and controversial robo-Fighting Roblade . Like this game, Turret Commander has a very high quality and detailed 3D-graphics with beautiful weather and lighting effects.


The essence of the game is rather simple - otstrelivanie enemy aircraft. In this case, the flight itself, we do not control, instead we control the machine guns and rockets, which can run into the enemy.
Aiming is unlike any other shooter. On the left side there is a zone for aiming, while the right side - the area for shooting. Purpose, we'll find a radar that will show us the direction, distance and type of target.
We will act against several types of enemy planes, some of them have additional armor, and nailed them is not easy. Other planes are able to make quick maneuvers and dodge missiles. On each mission, we are given simple tasks, for example, to bring down the number of N-planes and stay on the battlefield N-minutes.

Features Turret Commander for Android:

  • More than 20 different missions;
  • Several game modes, including an endless battle;
  • 4 types of weapons with the ability to improve;
  • 7 variations of weather conditions with unique combat scenarios;
  • Improved 3D-graphics and realistic animation gorgeous;
  • Control with accelerometer or touch screen.
This game we remember, first of all, due to the beautiful scenery, day, night and overcast sky. In addition, the approaching aircraft behave very realistic and believable, and when they were shot down, they do not just disappear, and blazing, fall down.
Given the fact that the game is distributed free of charge, we could not find the critical lack only small glitches management, but these defects necessarily fixed in newer versions.
Summary. Turret Commander - this is a very high-quality 3D-shooting on military subjects, where you can experience yourself as the control of small arms small bomber.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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