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Review AlarmRun

Tariq Abdulla
Simple interface, simple design, minimalist design, fully-featured free version
Weak functionality
AlarmRun for Android is an Alarm Clock that's meant to be "evil". Evil in the sense that if you fail to switch it off by unlocking it - it will post a failure message. It can do this either by sending an SMS to a specific or random person in your address book, or by posting the message to your Facebook wall. It can even post a random photo from your gallery to your wall. Now that really is scary!
This is all evil and devious in theory; but the thing is that unlocking your alarm is not actual proof that you got out of bed. This is only really going to work if your the kind of person who might sleep right through the alarm without bothering to turn off. Or if you take the risk of putting it far enough from your bed that you really have to get up first.
The only other situation this would work in is if you get a specific person, and designate each other as wake up buddies. Some who lives nearby, like your neighbor or someone in the same student hall. Then you could come and "rescue" each other when you fail to wake up, and unlock this alarm.
There's also a scoreboard in the app where you keep rising, from plane to rocket and spaceship, if you keep turning off the alarm in time. However, unlocking the alarm isn't actual proof or guarantee of waking up properly; especially considering that the only unlock option is to draw a grid-based pattern. There seem to be some options to connect with other users, but at the moment these options are all in Korean.
There are plenty more devious alarm clocks out there, that will really force you out of bed.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 7/10
Design 8/10
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