Dragon Hills
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Dragon Hills
Dragon Hills
Dragon Hills
Dragon Hills
Dragon Hills
Dragon Hills

Review Dragon Hills

Jay Feldman
Quality graphics, interesting plot, addictive game play
Too easy, monotonous game play
Dragon Hills is a simple and addictive platformer style game that has you riding a serpentine fire breathing dragon into hillsides and burrowing underground, only to surface beneath structures, castles and flailing citizens who get gobbled up, or destroyed in a blaze of glory. You see, there's this princess who's been wronged, and she's out for revenge. A brave knight in shining armor scaled the tower, she thought, to save her sorry arse, but instead, he made off with all of her jewels, and as they say, a woman scorned is really, really bad news for the perpetrator. Okay, so they don't say it quite like that, but you get the drift.
The play is essentially a side scrolling adventure through a medieval looking landscape, populated with paltry homes and expansive castles, cutting through a landscape that's sometimes snowy, and other times, bright and sunny or filled with twinkly stars at the dead of night. But no matter the forecast, things are about to get really hot when the fire breathing dragon riding princess comes to town. Just tap your screen to cause her dragon to chomp into the earth and burrow deep, then release your finger to resurface and destroy anything in your path. Yes, naturally, you can also scorch things to charcoal with your fire breath, and let me tell you, it's hugely satisfying and loads of fun. The play is simple and addictive, just like any classic game should be.
Dragon Hills has excellent graphics, snappy animation and lots of destruction and mayhem; in short, it's not to be missed.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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i want it to mix my family pics asap
Tariq Abdulla
This is a game, I don't think it can help with mixing faily phhotos
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