Ezik. Friends on map ANYWHERE!
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Ezik. Friends on map ANYWHERE!
Ezik. Friends on map ANYWHERE!
Ezik. Friends on map ANYWHERE!
Ezik. Friends on map ANYWHERE!
Ezik. Friends on map ANYWHERE!
Ezik. Friends on map ANYWHERE!
Ezik. Friends on map ANYWHERE!

Review Ezik. Friends on map ANYWHERE!

Jay Feldman
Interesting functionality, simple interface, simple design
Needs to be elaborated, feels more like a beta, needs proofreading, not powerful enough
Ezik. Friends on map ANYWHERE! for Android wants to help you keep in touch with your friends by placing them all on an interactive map. Keep tabs on what everyone's up to, and perhaps meet up with those in your area. This one has lots of potential but come off like an unfinished beta.
Ezik. Friends on map ANYWHERE! displays in portrait and landscape, and right off the top, you'll need to create an account to make use of the app. You can either sign up with a valid email or use your Facebook credentials. Once you're inside the app, you'll be presented with a 3x4 grid offering icons for, Who's Around, Services, Events, Messages, Chat Rooms, Friends, Translator, Notebook, My Downloads, Settings, About and Logout. Tapping any of the categories takes you to each respective interface with additional selections or actions you initiate, most of which are self-explanatory.
The app functions nicely, but feels totally barren and sparse. Entering the chat rooms reveal just how lonely a place this app can be, with no one to talk to but yourself. Naturally, much of the functionality here is dependent on you populating the app with your own entries, however, some of it is mean to have global reach, so I can only assume this one hasn't got it's footing with a captive audience yet.
The cornerstone of the app, is the ability to see friend's locations on a map, presumably to help you keep in touch and do things together. Obviously the effectiveness of this feature will depend on your circle of friends and if they have this app installed. The translator functioned well, and the concept behind making new friends and suggesting sightseeing opportunities and places of interest to visiting travelers is nice. The notebook is a good place to keep short reminders and save important messages, and you can also send messages with attachments.
Ezik. Friends on map ANYWHERE! is a nice idea that needs more work and more users. It also needs some proofreading by a native English speaking helper.

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Usefulness 8/10
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Originality 7/10
Design 7/10
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nasiru sunusi maikaka funtua
nasiru sunusi maikaka funtua28 Dec 2016, at 22:47
Write a comment...my nokia Xl Can not take f2f the You Tube app
nasirusunusimaikaka@yahoo.ca28 Dec 2016, at 22:43
Write a comment...no you Tube app that can work at my nokia Xl
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