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Stream - Live Video CommunityStream - Live Video CommunityStream - Live Video CommunityStream - Live Video CommunityStream - Live Video CommunityStream - Live Video CommunityStream - Live Video CommunityStream - Live Video CommunityStream - Live Video Community


Vlad Popa
Posted: Vlad PopaTested 12 May 2017 on ASUS Nexus 7

Stream Live Video
Nice interface, completely free
Registration required for Android is a social network that gives you the opportunity to send a live video stream from your phone camera to be watched and commented on by other users. You can even have a live conversation going on with the people commenting on your stream.
It's really impressive that the app can do this, and that you can really jump in on the video feed of someone streaming live from anywhere in the world. But the result is kind of what YouTube world be like if it had only monologue videos, and to be frank, that's usually pretty boring.
I was rather surprised that I didn't notice any "adult" content being streamed here. The developers must be making concerted efforts to remove users doing that sort of thing. All the same, the platform seems to be extremely popular, with loads of active users.
While the developers might have imagined people would use this to send live streams of a concert, or some special event that they are witnessing. In fact, what people do is stream their own personal thoughts, when they are bored, before going to bed, or just to get something of their chests to a bunch of random people. Pretty much like the self-indulgent part of Youtube; except you have less means to discover the right kind of content, and stumble on it more by chance, and everything only happens live. Perhaps this can be reassuring, in that if you want to share your personal thoughts, you don't necessarily want this permanently on the internet?
All the same, I find this one difficult to understand. Maybe I'm getting old fashioned, but I can't imagine sending out a video stream of anything. It also sends a lot of push notifications.
Final ratings
Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 6/10
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