Icy Tower 2
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Icy Tower 2
Icy Tower 2
Icy Tower 2
Icy Tower 2
Icy Tower 2
Icy Tower 2
Icy Tower 2
Icy Tower 2
Icy Tower 2
Icy Tower 2

Review Icy Tower 2

Sergei Petrov
Icy Tower 2 - is a simple and easy to learn arcade game for Android about leaping gnome, which is vital to get out. All the action takes place in a huge tower, which in reality is simply infinite, or we just could not finish the game.
The game is developed by the studio Free Launch Design. The first part of the arcade at the time managed to break up a circulation of over 40 million devices on the platform iOS. Looking at the quality and intensity game developers want to break this record and guglovkoskoy operating system.


According to his idea of ​​the game is practically no different from the other representatives of the genre and the ancestor, the game Doodle Jump. Such geimpley you can find in Mega Jump or at one of the levels of arcade Disney Wreck-IT Ralph .
By means of an accelerometer and tilt smartphone apart. Very pleased with the fact that the developers also enable you control with virtual buttons without using the accelerometer (especially useful for tablets).
Our task - to jump on the platforms and climb up continuously, collecting coins along the way, and a variety of exciting rewards. In addition to simply jump in the game there is also a double jump with somersault, which is activated if the smartphone is sharply tilted first to one and then the other way.

Icy Tower 2 features:

  • Infinite exciting geimpley;
  • A colorful and varied schedule with a change of scenery and objects;
  • Collected coins to spend in the big virtual store;
  • Large number of interesting game bonuses and amplifiers;
  • Colorful tricks and combos;
  • Change the look of your character.
Serious shortcomings in the game could not be found, especially if you take into account the fact that the download Icy Tower 2, you can absolutely free. But, at the same time, the game and did not add any new features to the genre, but completely redraw the scenery and small changes in geimplee.
Summary. Icy Tower 2 - is very high quality and entertaining taymkiller for all lovers of simple arcade-pyatiminutok. If for some reason you do not like the game, be sure to look at the competition, which we pointed out in the text above.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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cool website good games too
it is great pc game i like it
doesnt work on samsung galaxy fit.. down
doesnt work on samsung galaxy fit.. down04 May 2013, at 19:57
doesnt work on samsung galaxy fit.. downloaded it then when i open it gives me an error :C
great game its pc version is also very cool.
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